Principal Investigator: Gang Bao
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About the TAL Design and Analysis Group

About the tDnA Website
tDnA offers freely available tools for the design and analysis of TALE Nucleases and TAL Effectors, and TAL binding domains in general.

The tDnA website was created and is maintained by
The Bao Laboratory at the Georgia Instutite of Technology & Emory University.

How to Cite the use of tDnA Tools
TAL Plasmids Assembly Tool:
        Sequences were confirmed using the TAL Plasmids Assembly Tool (

Predicted Report of Genome-wide Nuclease Off-target Sites (PROGNOS):
        Fine E.J., Cradick T.J., Zhao C.L., Lin Y, and Bao G. (2013) An online bioinformatics tool predicts zinc finger and TALE nuclease off-target cleavage.

Scoring Algorithm for Predicted TALEN Activity (SAPTA):
        Lin Y, Fine E.J., Voit R.V., Porteus M.H., Cradick T.J., and Bao G. (2013) A New Design Tool for Predicting TALE Nuclease Activity.

The tDnA tools were developed with helpful suggestions from our partners in the Nanomedicine Center for Nucleoprotein Machines.

We have high-throughput equipment in our laboratory and are interested in improving our algorithms by testing more nucleases.
If you are interested in forming a collaboration to construct nucleases or analyze off-target sites, please contact Dr. TJ Cradick: tjc at

Funding for TAL effector nuclease work is supported by the following sources:
A National Institutes of Health Nanomedicine Development Center Award (PN2EY018244 to Gang Bao)
A National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (DGE-1148903 to Eli J Fine)

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